How to Build Recurring Revenue / Make Money Online

My good friend Daven Michaels just gave me the lowdown on his AMAZING project… the Virtual Entrepreneurs Association (VEA). 

VEA is a community platform that provides business owners with discounts, mentorship, and world-class education to help them on their entrepreneurial mission. 

So it’s a huge resource for entrepreneurs and small businesses. 

But it also presents an incredible opportunity for YOU… 

Especially if you’ve been looking for a way to build a consistent, monthly recurring revenue stream. 

Because Daven added a referral program that pays 40% **Lifetime** commissions, each month, on your referrals’ membership fees!

Besides the generous commission structure, my favorite thing about using VEA to generate passive income is how easy it is to get started. 

No tech skills necessary. And you won’t need any specialized expertise either. Just get registered (for free!) and start spreading the word.  For more info >>>

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